Virtual Classes Offer Alternative Paths

Students get a chance to broaden their schedule

If there is a class you want to take that’s not offered, you may want to check with counseling to see if it’s offered virtually.

Sue Harmon, guidance counselor, said the virtual classes offered change regularly; however, there are some classes that are usually offered due to their popularity.

“AP human geography, AP European history and AP comparative government are very popular Virtual Virginia classes,” Harmon said. “Criminology and genes and diseases are popular Virtual High School classes.”

There are several advantages to taking virtual classes.

“Students can take classes that would not necessarily fit into their schedule or they can take classes that we do not offer here at KRHS,” Harmon said.

Blake Jarrell, senior, takes comparative government and human geography online.

“I chose to take virtual classes because I wanted some extra time to relax during school my senior year,” Jarrell said, “and I was told they were not hard.”

Josie Krasny, junior, is enrolled in Latin III online.

“I chose to take virtual because that was the only way my Latin class would fit into my schedule,” Krasny said.

Miles Housley, junior, takes human geography and French III online

“Virtual classes are great because you don’t have to work with anyone or take instruction,” Housley said. “Everything you need to accomplish is presented to you online and you have the ability to complete your work wherever and whenever.”

Although virtual classes are popular, Harmon explains that these classes are not for everyone.

“The type of student who should take a virtual class are self-starters and students who can work independently,” Harmon said. “They need to be able to advocate for themselves as their classroom teacher is not in front of them.”

Jarrell agreed. “They are different from other classes because you’re in charge of managing a larger work load over a longer period of time,” Jarrell said. “Also, you have to learn the material on your own, even if that means watching a video your teacher posts.”

Housley said it’s hard to learn a language without a teacher in the room.

“It is quite ineffective and I do not feel it advances my understanding of the French language. My schedule did allow me to take french in an actual class.”

Krasny added, “It’s a bit hard learning a language virtually because you don’t get quite the immersion into the language that you would in a classroom.”

Virtual classes are offered through Virtual Virginia and Virtual High School. The schedule of available classes fluctuates, so students who are interested in signing up for one should stop by guidance to make sure it’s available.

Virtual classes are great for students who want to have more independence in their work and who want to be in charge of their time management.