Tri-M: A Marvelous Musical Triple Threat

Cougar music honor society draws best of the best

The next Louis Armstrong, Wolfgang Mozart, or Ariana Grande might be walking the halls in our school right now.

And with the help of the new Music Honor Society, Tri-M, there could soon be more. This new society is open to music students who have been invited or who have applied.

Applicants must have an ‘A’ in their music class, as well as an overall GPA of at least a ‘B.’ Tri-M has been in the works for years. Band teacher Elizabeth Deavers has been working very hard to get Tri-M in motion. Fortunately, the new choir and orchestra director, Kristina Sheppard, arrived just in time to help Deaver’s vision become a reality.

“Tri-M as an organization has been around since 1983, but getting our chapter off the ground has been in the works for a number of years as far as I understand,” Sheppard said. “Mrs. Deavers had a dream to recognize outstanding musical leaders, and when I came on board to KRHS this year, we had a discussion about how we could make it a reality as soon as possible.”

Since this is Kettle Run’s first year with Tri-M, many students are eager to see what this society is all about. Looking forward to being a part of this new chapter, junior Julia Rocca said she hopes to learn more about music and the people at Kettle Run who participate in musical activities.

“Also, I want to provide service to those who wish to learn more about music in the school and community,” Rocca said.

This society’s goal is not only to bring students together while staying involved in the community, but Tri-M is also here to aid students who want music to be a part of their life forever. Many students intend to keep up with music and to possibly have a career around it.

Continuing to share her love for music, senior Alaycia Smith has hope to bring music with her everywhere she goes in life.

“With this experience, I hope I can put forth a good example to other kids and want them to be part of TriM too,” Smith said. “I also want to gain more exposure to music outside of the orchestra room.”

Tri-M is a place where people from different musical backgrounds can come to together to work with one another and to learn from one another. New members are very excited to be a part of this new addition to Kettle Run’s music department. As this new chapter begins, students, parents, and educators look forward to seeing what Tri-M has to offer, not only the students, but the community as well.