Molly’s Mobile Manicures Now Open

Peterson combines love of nails to benefit animals


Courtney Davis, Staff Reporter

One student is using her love of nails to raise money for a cause she is passionate about.

Molly Peterson, junior, took Cosmetology last year with Tanja Smith. Although doing hair was not her favorite part of the class, she loved giving manicures.

“I’ve been doing manicures for a long time,” Molly said. “It’s just fun.”

Lashonda Reed, assistant principal, heard about Molly’s new found love for giving manicures. Together, Molly and Reed came up with the idea for Molly’s Mobile Manicures.

Reed believes it’s the perfect fit for the school community.

“We are trying to provide more experience for our students who enjoy something so much, they think it could be a career choice,” Reed said. “When we came up with Molly’s Mobile Manicures, everyone was on board. This gave Molly a chance to go out and interact with people, while doing what she loves, to raise money for animals in need.”

Reed believes students can learn a lot by creating their own business.

“Starting a business requires reading, writing, and communication; all key skills that are good to have,” Reed said, “These are all tools in your toolbox that you can just pull out anytime.”

Although Reed and Molly came up with the idea of the manicure business together, it was Molly’s idea to donate all the money she makes to the Fauquier County SPCA.

“I worked there before and I love dogs,” Molly said.

For just $3, teachers can schedule an appointment with Molly during Cougar Block. Molly solicited teachers with fliers she created.

Kasey Willoughby, teacher, was Molly’s first customer.

“I helped Molly get her start in Cosmetology class, so I was very eager to be her first customer when she opened her business,” Willoughby said. “I was happy to see how she has grown with her skills and independence. She was very friendly and professional. I’m very proud of how far she’s come.”

Jeb Early, agriculture teacher, was next in line to get his nails done. “She did a fantastic job on my nails, and it’s amazing to see a student trying to help others in the community,” Early said.

If Molly’s business is successful, Reed believes it will open doors for many students in the future.

“If this is successful, just think of all the things we can do,” Reed said. “Students can create businesses selling dog treats, Christmas stockings, or all kinds of things to help them build soft and hard skills that will bring our school community together and help expose their strengths to their peers.”

Molly hopes to eventually provide this service to students.

“I hope many students make appointments to let me do their nails,” Molly said. “I’m not sure exactly how many students, but I just hope that a lot of students come out so I can raise money for the SPCA.”

Willoughby hopes students will support Molly in her new business adventure. “I think it’s important for other students to support their peers,” Willoughby said. “It helps promotes her business for future employment, and gives her extra practice to get hired outside of school.”