Skaters Test the Frozen Water in New Rink

An ice skating rink that opened in December attracts many

Joey Shull, Assistant Sports Editor

A new outdoor skating rink at Northern Fauquier Community Park in Marshall will be at the mercy of warmer weather but skaters will be able to enjoy it as long as the ice doesn’t melt. Skating is a big thing during the winter season and many students plan on using the rink over the time period it is open.

A new synthetic ice-skating rink will be unveiled this Saturday, Dec. 1, at Northern Fauquier Community Park in Marshall. The “all-weather” rink will be open through March 10 from 11 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays and on public school holidays. Although the synthetic ice can be used even in the warmer months, the plan is to close the rink in March, at least initially. The shelter is rented out for other uses from spring through fall, explained Laurie Crofford, park manager. “I think it’s really nice. It’s manageable for kids,” said Brian Brown of Marshall who tried out the rink with three of his children, ages 7, 6 and 4, who are new to skating.

Students here at Kettle Run really enjoy ice skating just as something to do with their friends and others ice skate competitively. Senior Sophie Galitsky has been doing competitive ice skating since she was 10 years old and has stuck with it all through this time. “ I started  ice skating because I wanted to try something new I didn’t want to grow up doing the ordinary sports.” Sophie Galitsky

Haymarket IcePlex is the closes rink to people that go to Kettle Run.“ I use to go to the rink in Haymarket 5-6 days a week which takes 15 minutes to get there everyday  but lately I have been getting busy with cheer so I have been only going 1-2 times a week.” Galitsky said.

Ice Skating is different compared  to a lot of the other sports kids grow up doing.  “When I get on the rink I feel like I can just be myself it’s a place where I can do something I love. Whenever I go out and just skate I feel like I’m at home it’s just a really nice feeling.”  Galitsky said.

The Fauquier County Parks and Recreation Department received a $24,689 grant from the PATH Foundation to buy the all-weather rink. It replaces one that required filling with water and a temperature cold enough for it to freeze. That rink opened during the winter of 2017. The grand opening of the new rink is scheduled for 10 to 11 a.m. on Saturday. It will include an ice-skating demonstration and guest speakers. Refreshments will be available. There will be seven skate sessions per day. Each session will last 30 minutes. A $5 admission fee includes skate rental.