Elena Navin: Owner of Elena’s Sweets, a local baking company

Priya Kommu, Staff Writer

Elena Navin is a senior at Kettle Run as well as a student at Mountain Vista Governor’s School. During the quarantine of 2020, Elena started her own business. Elena’s Sweets is a baking business that produces high quality cakes and cupcakes for any occasion.
Elena handles the finances, baking, and promotion of the business all on her own. She started the business in May 2020 and it has only grown since then. “COVID brought my business about,” Elena said when asked how she got the idea for Elena’s Sweets, “I had a neighbor that didn’t feel comfortable ordering from a bakery during COVID and she asked me to bake cupcakes for her daughter’s birthday and offered to pay me. I of course said yes. My mom then posted a picture on Facebook and then friends [messaged] her asking if I could make their kids cupcakes and then I decided I maybe could start my own business Instagram account and it all just took off from there.” Having been interested in baking from a young age, it just made sense for Elena to start a business. A hobby that started as a way to spend time with family turned into a creative outlet and moneymaker. “I really got into baking my own creations in middle school and I started my business at the end of sophomore year when I was 16,” Elena said.
Elena recognized that there are some difficulties that come with running a business, especially as a full time student. “I think the most difficult part was learning time management. I am a people pleaser and I don’t like to disappoint. Because of this, sometimes I would take on too much and it was really important for me to realize when to say no.” However, Elena also recognized the rewards that can come with having a business, “I think the most rewarding part of owning a business is knowing that I accomplished everything by myself. Like I used to just bake for fun in my kitchen and for family cookouts, and now I’m making cupcakes for weddings and retirement parties. It’s kind of crazy. And yes, my parents have helped me along the way and I am forever thankful, but it’s crazy to think of what I have been able to accomplish, and it’s really cool to see my improvement.”
Elena’s Sweets can be found both on Instagram and Facebook where Elena posts pictures of her masterpieces.
Elena’s other hobbies include playing tennis and volleyball and she is also the president of many clubs at Kettle Run. She also enjoys babysitting and spending time with friends and family. It will be exciting to see just how much more Elena’s business will grow in the future.