Rookie Teacher of the Year Award

Ava Abbott, Editor

Mr. Rolando is Kettle Run’s new chemistry teacher and has been teaching at our school for one semester. He has already won Rookie Teacher of the year with his amazingly positive attitude and dad jokes. He is a very kind and thoughtful teacher, who checks in on his students when he notices they might be frustrated or upset. I’ve experienced this first hand. He is always quick with a joke and quick to answer questions. He is active and tries to encourage fun in his class along with learning. The learning environment is fun and the labs are engaging and interesting. Before he dipped his toes into the world of teaching he was a retired forensics examiner for the FBI and specialized in firearms, tool marks and fingerprints. Mr. Rolando also spent several years in the Navy on a submarine! Mr. Rolando came back into the work force to teach the students of Kettle Run because of his two sons who are students here and the lack of chemistry teachers at our school. He really enjoys teaching and helping his students Mr. Rolando understands what students go through with their day to day struggles and achievements because of his four kids and their school experiences. He makes sure to give his students the help and support they need to be successful in his class and to keep their class stress free. His most memorable moments teaching have been seeing the effort and care that each teacher puts into their students and lessons. Mr. Rolando rightfully received this award because of his passion for teaching chemistry and his determination to see his students succeed.