New Musical Opportunities for Everyone

The band department starts a new program revolving around percussion

Alex Park

This year, the Kettle Run Band Department started up indoor percussion, a new band club focusing on percussion instruments. The club meets every other Saturday at Kettle Run from 2 to 9 p.m., but no prior band experience is required. The club gives musically inclined students of all skill levels a chance to get behind instruments and play together as a group.

“It’s like marching band, but there’s no wind instruments, it’s also indoors, and there is no previous experience required.” says Senior Brigham Stacey. Brigham, a four year Chamber Orchestra student, will have an interesting opportunity to play electric violin within the group. The majority of the rest of the band consist of more traditional instruments like drums, symbols and other percussion instruments. Kyle Peterson, a long term percussionist decided to join the group. He has played the drums in band many years and took up the marimba this year, the group is giving him more opportunity to learn the instrument and a chance to hone his general skills even more. “My favorite part of indoor percussion is being able to learn new music pieces” says Peterson.

One of the major issues for some students is the time frame. For many Saturday is one of the most valuable days of the week and a lot of students can’t afford to take the time during the weekend. The consensus is that it’s a worthy sacrifice though. “I don’t really have anything better to do.” says Stacey.  

Since indoor percussion isn’t just about playing and learning instruments, the time is needed so the students can spend the proper time to learn to march and work together as a group. “I have really enjoyed having a chance to play with the band students” says Stacey. 

A lot of the time also goes into teaching the students new instruments, previous wind only band players are able to learn about playing instruments in a whole new way. That’s one of the biggest appeals of indoor band. 

5 students not in band this year have joined the program and there are many more students in the program. 

“Besides playing the marimba with the group, I spend a lot of time helping the other group members,” says Peterson. Many of the more advanced percussionist have taken the time to try and teach beginners how to play the instruments and start playing as part of the group. Members believe that the program will help strengthen their skills in band class while allowing them to try new instruments and play with people outside their regular group. 

“I really enjoy the group and think that the band department will continue it” says Peterson. The group will showcase their skills in a performance on the 21st of February at Kettle Run. Given the success and enjoyment from the players, it seems likely the program will be run again next year for any students who want to participate. The group hopes that more new students will take the opportunity to try out the group and learn to play percussion instruments.