How Younger Teachers At Kettle Run Affect The Community

Ella Barnaby, Editor

The ages of teachers at Kettle Run are mixed, but younger teachers are a particularly prominent recent occurrence. There are young teachers in nearly every school subject at KR. Teachers on the younger side are not an anomaly. But how does this affect the community, positively or negatively? 

In my eyes, younger teachers can only affect students in a positive way. Younger teachers have been in school more recently, and therefore know more about the unique high school experience students are going through currently. Students can relate to them more and most likely feel more comfortable around them, opposed to older teachers. Younger teachers also may have fresher ideas to bring to the table in comparison to older teachers. 

On the other hand, older teachers have much more experience than younger ones. They know what to expect and are far more prepared for many situations. They’ve taught many more types of students in their career than younger teachers have. They also know what works when it comes to lesson plans. They can also help guide older students through decisions about life such as college with said experience. 

Younger and older teachers both bring positive traits to the classroom. Both can affect different students in positive ways. It is best to have an even mix in schools. Old, reliable ideas and new, fresh ideas alike are necessary to a healthy school environment.