Soaking Up the Sun Over Spring Break

Students are refreshed and ready to finish up the school year


Mahala Goodwin, Staff Reporter

Spring break fell a little later than usual this year.

“Everyone was ready for the break by the time it finally rolled around,” Shelly Norden, publications adviser, said.

Spring break took place April 15-19. While some students traveled overseas, others traveled south to warmer weather and the beach.

Senior Carlyn Schneider spent her break in Ireland. “I was excited to go pub hopping and see the sights with my dad,” Schneider said.

Junior Lacey Bauckman spent her spring break in France. “I saw the Eiffel tower,” Bauckman said.

Senior Alexis Denson spent a week in Turks and Caicos with her family. “We went on a cruise to see the third largest coral reef in the world,” Denson said. “We went snorkeling and took pictures. The water was super clear.”

Many students headed south to Florida where they relaxed on the beach. Senior Meghan Meador’s drove to the Florida panhandle. “We were only three hours from New Orleans, so we drove there for a night,” Meador said. “The best part was going to Cafe Du Monde in New Orleans. That was the first time I ever had a beignet. I was expecting a funnel cake but it was a lot thicker and very sweet – with a ton of powered sugar on it.”

Sophomore Chloe Cochran traveled to Orange Beach, Florida with her family. She took her friend Sophie Galitsky with her.

“My favorite part was going to the Flora Bama and listening to bands,” Cochran said.

Seniors Harper Crater and Carly Herbert, junior Lily McIntyre, and sophomore Audrey Rader spent the week in St. Petersburg.

“We planned it out months ago,” McIntyre said. “The best part was hanging out at the beach all day with my friends and getting a break from school.”

Sophomore Jaden Rivera was one of the few who headed north for her break. Rivera visited her brother in New York City. “My brother goes to NYU,” Rivera said. “We walked around the city. We also went to DUMBO [down under the Manhattan Bridge overpass] which is famous area in Brooklyn.”

German exchange student Richard Meseg spent his break a little closer to home.

“I went hiking at Old Rag one day,” Meseg said. “I also went to University of Mary Washington and spent time playing soccer with friends to try to stay in shape.”

Seniors Kaylee Duckett and Sean Kennedy also stayed home. “We went to Medieval Times in Maryland,” Duckett said. “The best part was eating with our hands. I had a whole chicken, corn on the cob, tomato soup, and garlic bread. We also watched the Nats play the Pirates.”

Girls lacrosse practiced for three days over the break. Sophomore Marley Rowell attended one practice and had to make up the two that she missed.

“I knew that I was going to New Jersey for break,” Rowell said, “so I ran a mile before break. Then, I stayed after practice for 30 minutes on another day, to make up the time that I missed.”

Senior Sydney Sherman used the break to pick up shifts at her job. “I worked up to 12 hours each day,” Sherman said. “I made a lot of money, but I already spent all of it.”

Other students used their break to catch up on much needed sleep. “I didn’t travel anywhere,” senior Tally Moore-Prince said. “I spent a lot of time sleeping in and hanging out with my boyfriend.”

Spring break provided students with the energy to finish up the last few weeks.