Binge-Worthy Shows To Watch on Netflix

What to watch on a boring snow day this cold winter

“Just one more episode.”

When watching our favorite shows on Netflix we’ve all thought something similar to this. On snow days, students can snuggle-up with some hot cocoa and binge-watch these popular shows on Netflix. According to multiple polls conducted on Twitter, Riverdale, The Office, and Supernatural are among students’ favorite shows available on the streaming service.

However, Stranger Things won the students over by far. Stranger Things begins with a small-town boy going missing and follows the town’s journey in trying to find him. Then, a girl with a shaved head named Eleven gets thrown into the mix and changes the dynamic of the group. The story continues as the community bands together in an attempt to solve the mysterious disappearance.

Watching the show since its first season debuted in 2016, junior Carly Herbert is an avid fan.

“I definitely started watching as a result of all the hype it was getting on social media and at school,” Herbert said. “I was really surprised that so many people were into it but I can see why. It’s a good show and is really addicting since a lot of the episodes end on cliffhangers. I wish they would release more episodes sooner.”

Along with Stranger Things, the slightly newer series Riverdale is taking off in the modern television world.

Riverdale originally aired in 1997 but has made a comeback with the newer spin off of the series.

Similar to Stranger Things, Riverdale is set in a small town with a tight-knit community. The characters are based off of the old comic books, Archie Comics, founded in 1939, so they tend to wear similar clothes in each episode. Jughead Jones, played by Cole Sprouse, narrates the tale of how things get strange after the murder of Jason Blossom, the son of the richest family in town. There are various relationships between the teenagers who try to figure out what’s happening in their once innocent hometown.

Junior Sara Nahidian thinks the series is one of the best Netflix offers.

“My favorite part about the show is the fact that all the cast members are really attractive and the drama is unexpected and intense,” Nahidian said. “It’s definitely a binge-worthy show because something big happens in every episode and there’s a bunch of cliffhangers throughout the seasons.”

Another binge-worthy show on Netflix is The Office.

Steve Carell plays Michael Scott, a humorous office manager for the Dunder Mifflin Paper Company. The show highlights the best and the worst moments of working with others. Characters crack jokes in practically every scene of the show’s nine seasons.

Junior Harper Crater has seen every episode of the show.

“It’s so relatable,” Crater said. “The characters are so real, and the things they do are incredibly funny. There’s never a dull moment when watching The Office.”

After you finish binge watching those shows, you can move on to The Vampire Diaries. Set in a small town in Virginia, the series follows the lives of two vampire brothers, Damon and Stefan, who are stuck in their teenage years for life. Although these are some of the most viewed shows by teenagers, Netflix offers many more shows to binge watch including Freaks and Geeks, Friends, Fuller House, Supernatural, and Arrow.