Cornerback Commits to College

Morrison heads to Bridgewater for football

An all conference defensive back has committed to play D3 football, ready to cover his collegiate goals like the wide receivers he consistently shuts down.

Senior Chance Morrison has become known as one of the fiercest corners this school has ever seen. Known for shutting down some of NOVA’s greatest receivers, making a total of three interceptions, including a clutch “pick-six”, and 44 season tackles, Morrison’s knowledge of the sport is nothing to understate. Hampden-Sydney, Bluefield, and Southern Virginia all hungered for Morrison’s talents, but after some time, he recognized that there was only one right school for him.

“When I got there I really enjoyed the campus,” Morrison said. “After meeting the coaches and some of the players I knew this school was right for me. I also talked to a few of the students I know who go there about the professors and classes and they really sold me on it.”

Morrison understood this college would be able to provide him the educational and athletic opportunities that suited his needs and that have been tailored ever since his young age.

“I played since I was six, but I took freshman year and sophomore year off because of my back problems, and I knew I’d regret it if I gave it up completely so I decided to try out junior year,” Morrison said.

Football has given the corner many opportunities to further his athletic ability, even while being bounced from position to position.

“I like scoring touchdowns, so when they asked me to move from slot receiver to corner I didn’t like it at first but I found that I actually enjoy playing it way more.”

Morrison has no problem overcoming challenges.

“On the field I always have to work harder than the guy in front of me because I’m smaller, and I can’t do anything about that [but] I’d like to thank Coach Wicka for being a true believer from the start of the season [when] many doubted me because I’m smaller [and] he made that my motivation. I’d also like the whole team and coaching staff for making this past season unforgettable and all funny moments along the way. I’d like to thank [Coach] Pickett for introducing me to Bridgewater, [Coach] Porterfield for turning the program around, and most of all [senior] Rutger Scott for being my number one fan all season long.”

Morrison will be headed toward a brand new coaching staff and team but before he moves on, Head Coach Charles Porterfield wanted to commend the young man’s accomplishments.

“In my own humble opinion, it would be his competitive nature and fearless attitude [that earned Morrison such success as a player],” said Porterfield. “Chance has a incredible fighting spirit. He never shies away from a challenge, and is a joy to watch on the field. [He] is one of the hardest working players I have ever had the pleasure of coaching.”

Morrison has overcome the problems of his height, his back, and his loss of experience during his freshman and sophomore years. College is another ball game but it would be unwise to assume he doesn’t have what it takes. As already observed, a challenge hasn’t stopped him before, why should it now?