KR Theater Releases Two Showstoppers

Kettle Run’s theater department performs The Giver with Singin’ in the Rain coming soon

Alex Park

This January, Kettle Run Theater performed The Giver, based on the famous novel, and in addition announced the spring musical, Singin’ in the Rain. The Giver premiered on Thursday the 16th, and was also shown on the Thursday and Friday of that week. and is based off the two-act version adapted by Eric Coble. The Giver describes the story of a false Utopia, with the main character Jonas, a young boy. He is given the role of holding the knowledge of the world in a world blinded by bliss. The Giver himself is a character who played the role of Jonas’ mentor, guiding him to the truth. “I really enjoyed The Giver as a book, and I think the cast did a good job at recreating it,” said viewer Chris Smith.

     The theater department did a great job overall with the play, but theater fans will not be given much time to rest as the department prepares for their Spring musical, Singin’ in the Rain. The play was teased on Twitter, where avid fans were able to quickly figure out which musical was to be performed. Auditions have already occurred and the cast has been chosen. “I’m really excited to play a lead role as Don Lockwood,” says Senior Jackson Rolando. Rolando has has had numerous years of experience and has performed in other school plays at Kettle Run, as well as singing in choir.

     Peter Nosal is another theatre fan who will be playing the role of Dexter the director in Singin’ in the Rain. “I’m excited to sing in the musical and I’m glad to be part of the musical” says Nosal. Rolando and Nosal both also had roles in last year’s play, The 25th Annual Putnam County Spelling Bee.

      Singin’ in the Rain takes place during the advent of films with sound, also known as ‘talkies’. It is a romantic comedy about two incompatible actors pulled into an awkward romance due to a film plot and casting. It’s also filled with tons of singing and dancing. In addition to Rolando and Nosal, the role of Lina Lamont will be played by Ronni Pitts. “I think I will really enjoy learning to tap dance for the play,” says Rolando.

     Callbacks happened on the 22nd and the cast has begun practicing for the musical. Be sure to check out Singin’ in the Rain when it comes out soon. In addition to The Giver and Singin’ in the Rain, Kettle Run Theater also put out the play Check Please as a one-act play. The play was a great success, and even received third at the VHSL film festival.  Kettle Run Theater has been pumping out a lot of great work recently, and that trend is sure to continue.