Halo Infinite: Fun or Failure?

Ella Barnaby, Staff Writer

Halo is truly a legendary franchise for Xbox. It has been more than twenty years since the release of the first game. But unfortunately, as time has gone on, fans have been less and less satisfied with the results of new games. Halo Infinite was released this week. And after a pathetic beta release, many wondered if it would be an exciting and fun game to enjoy or another laggy disappointment.
The beta version of Halo Infinite did not nearly live up to the Halo name. The only part of the game was the online battles, and problems ran rampant. The main issue was with connection and lag. Reviews for this version of the game were scathing.
But, luckily, the finished game is not nearly as bad as its Beta version. Sure, it isn’t exactly a classic, but it is enjoyable. The servers are laggy still, but some of the updates have helped in certain ways. The game has a more modern feel to it, without trying to change too much. The campaign is a bit confusing but is still much better than many fans expected after Halo 5. Paying for the campaign is indeed worth it, but $40 might have been a more reasonable price. Overall, it could have been a bit better but could have been much worse.
Halo Infinite has a big shoe to fill. So many of the past halo games have become classics for the Xbox community. Halo is such a money-making franchise for Microsoft, so it is expected that they will keep milking it for all that it is worth. We can only hope they will keep improving the game as time goes on, and will commit to it instead of taking lazy routes. No game with a legendary reputation like Halo should be a major disappointment.