The Gorillaz Movie fans have waited for is finally arriving

Ella Barnaby, Staff Writer

On a fateful day in 2003, the fantastic thought of a movie for the virtual band ¨Gorillaz¨ popped into Jamie Hewlett´s head. With the help of his fellow Gorillaz creator, Damon Albarn, the first script was formed. Nearly twenty years later, a Gorillaz movie is finally coming to fruition. 

The first idea for a movie was going to be called Celebrity Harvest. It would take place in an apocalyptic world, where it was always night and those with egos too large could catch a deadly disease. Unfortunately, Gorillaz was partnered with Dreamworks to make this movie, and the company would only accept a family-friendly Gorillaz film. The movie was scrapped and the ideas for it fell into phase two of the band’s lore. 

In 2018, Damon and Jamie tried once again to create Gorillaz entertainment media, and a ten-part Netflix series nearly began production. But after complications with The Now Now, the idea was once again discarded and the band moved on to working on Song Machine. 

This unique idea has come a long way, and it is a miracle that it is finally becoming a reality instead of a wish. It is surprising that Netflix has finally agreed to this when the plan for this movie is so abstract. This is unlike anything the band has done before, and hopefully, Gorillaz fans will not be disappointed by the results.