Pixar’s Upcoming Film ¨Turning Red¨ Will Be Released Exclusively On Disney+

Ella Barnaby, Editor

Turning Red is a highly anticipated animated film from the world renowned Pixar and Disney. Due to this, more information about it has recently been released, including the fact that this film will be only available on Disney+, and will not be shown in theatres. This has brought mixed reactions. 

Some fans are happy with the decision, because it means they will be able to see the film for free from the comfort of their own home. Turning Red will not have a pay to watch feature like Raya and The Last Dragon, and will be much easier to access. Disney+ has exploded with popularity during the pandemic, so Disney takes advantage of keeping content on that platform. 

But aside from scattered satisfied fans, there is much backlash from this decision. The staff of Pixar themselves were the most let down, as the decision had been Disney’s and not their own. “It’s safe to say that we’re feeling extremely disappointed,” says one staff member. Most of the workers behind this film had expected this to be the first Pixar film getting proper theatre representation, after nearly two years of limited or no theatre showing for Pixar. 

In conclusion, though this decision by Disney may be nice and convenient for fans, it is a blow for those who worked on it. It is truly sad to see the wishes of those who put time and effort into this project thrown away by the company that simply has their name slapped on it. Hopefully Disney will take more consideration of this in the future, but due to what we know from the past, it is doubtful that they will consider anything but revenue. 

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