Marie Tessier Steals the Show

How to balance homework, a social life, and ladders

Cuyler McCorkindale, Entertainment Editor

When you think of balancing heavy objects on your chin, you think of Marie Tessier.

The talent show was filled with some spectacular acts featuring Marie Tessier, Mr. Frazier, Junior Lizzie Morris, and Senior Nicky Wilson’s band. The most impressive and memorable act of the entire talent show was performed by Marie Tessier, who balanced heavy objects such as a ladder, table, a pole, and a chair on her chin. Marie credits her newfound talent to her father, who used to perform in circuses.

“My dad, who used to be a clown for Ringling Bros., taught me the basic strategy,” Tessier said. “And then I had to practice it myself. I worked on it a lot this summer, especially with the broom, an excellent starting point. I couldn’t do heavy objects more than once a week before I developed more strength in my chin.” Tessier continued. “I have always loved performing, and I participate in theatre here. So stage fright is not a problem to me. It was super fun to have an enormous crowd cheering me on. I was so happy to be able to bring such joy to everyone’s day.”

Other impressive acts that wowed the audience were performed by students who displayed their musical talent. Students like Seniors Nicky Wilson, Nick Fallows, Reese Cooke, and Ryan Seeberger formed a band to perform in the talent show and impressed the audience with their humorous musical performance.

“We formed the band to just play in the talent show,” Senior Nicky Wilson said, “We didn’t really practice that much, but we just wanted to do it because we thought it was gonna be fun.”

Some talent show performances were performed by teachers. Mr. Frazier played The Eagles Please Come Home for Christmas on his acoustic guitar while other teachers and staff members stood on stage and acted like they were in a cafe.

“The song [Please Come Home for Christmas] you only get to play for a small window and then you have to wait for holiday season next year,” Frazier said. “So I thought I’d give it a shot. Mrs. Overholt came up with the idea of the ‘Cougar Cafe’ and several of the faculty and staff members emailed me right away to join our act. I think the students really get a kick out of seeing teachers in the talent show or other situation where they see we are real people. As teachers, we ask students to get out of their comfort zones every day in our classroom. I think it is important for students to see teachers stepping out of our comfort zones once in a while, too. I had so much fun and the students were very kind all day saying, ‘Good Job, Mr. Frazier!’ Even students I don’t have in class were very kind saying, ‘Good job!’ It’s fun for students and faculty to support each other throughout the school year, and I cannot say how much I appreciated everyone’s support.”

This year’s talent show was certainly unique in its portrayal of talent. Students and teachers alike were very supportive of each other and there is much speculation of what next year’s talent show holds.