Don’t Egg-nore The Most Important Meal of the Day

Is the breakfast being cut short by school start times?

     Breakfast; the most important meal of the day. The whole month of September has been dedicated to promoting better breakfast throughout the United States. Does Kettle Run’s start time take into account its students’ nutritional needs? Students feel they are not being allotted enough time in the morning to enjoy a healthy breakfast. Another issue with breakfast in general is the lack of knowledge of what a healthy breakfast consists of.

   With a start time of 7:30 AM, the majority of Kettle Run students feel rushed in the morning, and for many, breakfast is thrown to the wayside  just to avoid a tardy.

   “There really just isn’t time in the morning for me to make a good breakfast,” said senior Matthew Rosenberger. “I feel like if I had the opportunity to, I would make a decent breakfast most mornings, but with the start time that we have now I’d have to wake up at an unrealistic hour.”

     “If I had more time in the morning I would make really good breakfasts every morning,” said sophomore Trevor Yergey. “I’d probably make pancakes or waffles with bacon and eggs, and I’d have time to actually take my time and eat so it’d be nice.”

   Time constraints aside, another issue that students have with breakfast is the options provided by school. Although the school has no say in the food that they provide, the problem still leaves students with an empty stomach in the morning.   

   “I wish the school had healthier breakfasts,” said junior Ffiona Coulson. “Then I could just buy something before homeroom because I really don’t have time to make anything at home.”

   Senior Sid Mccoy had some very strong feelings about the school’s breakfast. “The school has some really bummy breakfasts. I know that it’s not their choice and that they can’t change it but the food is still horrible. Sausage on pizza isn’t breakfast”

   Students’ main concern lies with how the lack of breakfast will affect their daily school performance.

   “School breakfast needs to stay open throughout homeroom to give students a chance to buy breakfast,” said senior Joseph Larson. “Breakfast provides your initial source of energy for the entire day and without it I feel like I can’t focus as well in school.”  

   “If I’m hungry I really can’t do anything, especially school,” said McCoy. “If my stomach is rumbling, it’s impossible to focus.”

       Whether or not the school makes changes to encourage breakfast, students need to make a conscious decision to not only eat breakfast, but to eat a healthier, more nutritious breakfast. It’s a two way street though; the school board needs to take into account the fact that a later start time would not only help their students’ sleeping schedules, but also the students’ eating habits.