Cold Weather Hacks for Your Car

Add new tips and tricks to your car to beat the cold weather

A big problem in the stressful time of winter is dealing with vehicles. The roads are icy and dangerous, engines are hard to start up, doors can freeze shut, and so much more. Here are a few tips and tricks to make winter easier for student drivers.

One common problem that hinders student driving is ice freezing on windshields which can be a hassle to deal with. An easy fix is to make a solution of vinegar and water and apply a light layer on the windshields to prevent the ice from forming. It is tedious and difficult to remove the ice from the windshield after it’s formed, and nearly impossible for student drivers to drive with the ice.

Sophomore Ella Biasillo has difficulty with her car during the winter months. “Sometimes it takes a while for my engine to start because it’s too cold,” Biasillo said. “My car is old and runs worse in the winter.”

Trying to start your vehicle in the cold can be a nuisance, but so can just getting into your vehicle. Easily spraycooking spray on the rubber seal of your car in order to prevent your car doors from freezing shut.

Also, if the locks are frozen, put hand sanitizer on your key, the rubbing alcohol will melt the ice in the lock. Sophomore Lucas Baines has had trouble driving recently due to the inclement weather.

“When I drive, it’s harder to steer and stop because of how icy the roads are,” Baines said. “I can’t see the roads sometimes during a snowstorm.”

Obviously windshield wipers help, but what happens when windshield wipers freeze? Applying rubbing alcohol to your windshield wipers will keep them from freezing and allow you to drive safely.

Sophomore Liam Heppard also has problems when facing the frigid conditions. “It’s annoying when frost forms on my windshields and mirrors,” Heppard said.

Snow and precipitation can freeze and fog side view mirrors, making driving unsafe. A simple fix to that is covering side view mirrors in plastic bags. Just remove the plastic bags before you start driving and the side view mirrors are completely unaffected by the weather.

Sophomore Bryce Tenberg recently began driving and expressed his fears of an icy winter.

“Driving is terrifying , but when my windows fog up, it’s petrifying,” Tenberg said.

Fogged windows can be a problem during the colder months of the year. A quick way to defog your windows is to apply shaving cream to your windshields, then wipe it off with a soft rag. The fog will disappear almost instantaneously and allow drivers to drive without their vision obscured. Whether your windows fog, or your locks freeze, be prepared for winter this season with these tips and tricks, and never get caught unprepared again.

Winter is already a very stressful time, follow these helpful tips to make life a little easier.