Best Local Halloween Experiences

The top five most recommended haunted houses in proximity to Nokesville, Virginia; selected in terms of distance, price, and experience.

Summer Zirkel, Staff Writer

Every October, Haunted attractions pop up and spark excitement for the spooky season. Going somewhere that is purposefully scary might seem a little unappealing to some, but to others, it’s an experience to look forward to. There’s something exhilarating about walking into a room full of creepy clowns with chainsaws (only if you know they’re acting) and making it out with your friends by your side and your head still on your shoulders. Haunted houses recreate pop culture in the form of horror movies. Bringing to life mysterious walk-throughs that enhance, excite, and materialize the experience of watching a scary movie. In case you’re looking for a great one this year, here are five of the top-rated and affordable haunted houses in our area.
Haunted Hollow
4.7 Stars
Tickets: $20 per person
If you are looking for a local haunted house, this one is right for you, located in Fauquier County at 8275 Maple Tree Ln, Warrenton, VA 20188. First on the list is Haunted Hollow, the most well-known haunted house in our area. They offer a walk-through haunted house experience during the night time and during the day they have a corn maze, cow ride for children, and sometimes bouncy houses. In terms of hospitality, Haunted Hollows is great. When you arrive at the farm they have a bonfire, a concessions stand, and benches to sit and eat at while you wait to enter the walk-through. According to a review left by Phyllis, a local guide: “This venue is such a great place for an evening out in the country for a wonderful yet scary walk through the hallowed woods and barns. Well managed with a large number of actors who do their utmost at providing the “thrills and chills” you pay for…”
The Dark Woods
4.8 Stars
Tickets: $15 general admission
Said to have 80’s themed attractions, The Dark woods is a haunted farm walk-through that includes a hayride. This one takes you through buildings and outdoor attractions in the woods at night. The Dark Woods is a small local attraction located in Montgomery county at 228 Shires Lane 24141, Radford, VA 24141. They have a majority of great reviews, for example, “Great costumes! Start off at the funeral home, very spooky! Loved the whole trail. Friendly staff. Lots of screams! Great price and well worth it!” This was left by visitor Renee Porter.
Haunted Nightmares
4.6 Stars
Tickets: Daytime passes are $12-$14, Nighttime passes are $15-$17
Located at 933 Barley Ln, Winchester, VA 22602, Haunted Nightmares is noted for having many options such as escape rooms, moonlit hayrides, and a corn maze on top of the main haunted house. Haunted Nightmares has been around for a while. They appeared on the Virginia Top Rated Haunted Houses list from 2017 to 2019. On their website, they say, “At 6 pm and all other open times the haunted house is full of live actors waiting to startle, scare and entertain you. Step inside and experience horror and discomfort like never before!”
4.6 Stars
Tickets: $21.99-$23.99 general admission
This haunted attraction is the furthest location away on this list, however, it is renowned for being an extremely detailed and high-quality haunted house experience. With an advisory of no children under the age of 13, this house is located in Hanover county at 13580 Ashland Rd, Ashland, VA 23005 (Hanover Vegetable Farm). RED VEIN offers a variety of different haunted experiences such as a haunted house, cornfield, asylum, and woods. They have been featured in the RVA magazine, Richmond magazine, and Style weekly according to their website. There are many positive reviews, such as, “I’ve been to a lot of haunted attractions and this one beat them all. The details are out of this world!!! They spent a lot of time and money setting this up and it shows…” by K G. With an exciting theme of “1987 abandoned orphanage and asylum”, RED VEIN is definitely worth the visit.
Terror Manor
4.6 Stars
Tickets: $20-$25 general admission
Last but not least is the most interactive Haunted house on this list, Terror Manor is located at 805 Norfolk Ave SW, Roanoke, VA 24016. It is the second closest in proximity to Kettle Run behind Haunted Hollow and has excellent reviews. A review written by Carly on Google Reviews states, “…Definitely have to check out the witch room!! Overall the place is phenomenal!! Everyone did a great job and the attractions there were also on point. It was better than last year.” On their website, they describe a “V.I.P experience”. This states that individuals are allowed to be touched, harassed, and have items thrown at them like paint, food, etc. Try this one out if you dare!