Fashionable Outfits Flood the Halls

Teen fashion reflects students personalities and interests

For some students, style is just as important as getting good grades. Students take time in the morning to think out how they dress. Two fashion-forward seniors see how the rest of the schoolwide population affects the way they dress. “I think the way people dress at my school doesn’t affect me,” said senior Luke Delaguila. “I lke to dress how I want to.” Delaguila finds fashion inspiration in a variety of places.

“I guess my main influence is the internet and artists as well as other people I respect,” Delaguila said. Both students are forward thinking when it comes to planning their outfits in advance.

Delaguila said he plans his, “usually the night before.”

The individualistic mindset is echoed partially through the second person interviewed.

“I pretty much draw from what everyone is wearing, and if I like it, I’ll wear something similar,” said senior Antonio Rose. “I definitely see some outfits on others that I could never see myself wearing… I’m not really into Vineyard Vines or preppy outfits.”

The internet has pushed the medium of fashion forward, lowering prices and increasing accessibility. Social media has provided an outlet to view fashion from different cultures and personalities all over the globe.

“Magazine fashion, hip hop, peers, and people in school,” provide fashion inspiration for Rose. “Something will catch my eye, and if I’m really interested in it, I’ll start wearing something similar when I feel like it. I usually take style tips from my girlfriend since she also dresses really well.”

Rose’s influences come from things he finds online and from artists as well, but extends to his girlfriend and other avenues. Certain style choices can have negative affects on students as well.

Bullying, based on how others dress, is far too common. Rose, as well as many others, have experienced this throughout high school as they begin to develop their sense of style.

“Just as often as people tell me how well I dress, I’ll get teased by my friends, family, girlfriend, and my peers,” said Rose.

But Rose doesn’t take it too seriously, unlike other students who take such negativity to heart.

“It doesn’t really have an impact on me, but I get a lot of negative attention for my outfits. I’ve gotten a lot of shade on social media for how I dress. Usually, if you wear diverse outfits, you gotta be doing it for yourself, not for your image,” said Rose.

Rose wants students to know that if they dress differently, they better be prepared to be talked about.

“I advise others not to dress different from others if you’re feeling insecure because either way people will make fun of you, subtweet you, and talk poorly about you. You have to be prepared for all that.”