Blasts From the Past Walk the Halls

Students showcase their vintage fashion sense

Returning for another shot in the spotlight, the most iconic fashion staples from the late 1900s are making their way back into our schools, and our hearts.

Some of the most recognizable looks from the past three decades are making a reappearance years later.

A lot of the styles seen today may seem groundbreaking when they are first spotted on magazine spreads and all across Instagram, but many of them aren’t actually as new to the world of fashion as you might think. Lots of popular trends such as high waisted jeans, overalls, chokers, flannel, and denim jackets are all rooted in the 80’s and 90’s.

With so many trendy looks to chose from, lots of students and teachers tried to narrow down which vintage fads were their favorites.

“I kind of love chokers and I was sad when they left and I’m happy that they’re back. Bob haircuts seem to be coming back and bangs,” Bo Pittman, special education teacher, said. “I think my favorite trend from the 90’s are overalls,” junior Christine Babish said. “But the most common trend I see around school is button up jean skirts.”

“My personal favorite is mom jeans,” junior Sydney Sherman said. “One trend I see a lot is hoop earrings.” Fashion-forward footwear is another one of the styles coming back around.

“I’ve definitely seen a comeback of retro footwear,” junior Jude Schmidt pointed out. “Things like Adidas superstars, duck boots, and suede sneakers.”

While some students love these looks from the past and are ready to embrace them with open arms, there is an abundance of others looks that students and teachers DO NOT want to reemerge. “Trends that I hate? I do NOT want baggy pants or like, bell bottoms to come back at all,” Pittman said.

Senior Rachel Walker disagreed with Pittman, saying that flare jeans are one of her favorite trends to make a reappearance.

“One appearance I don’t want to return is leg warmers,” Sherman said.

Why is it that these trends come back to steal the show on the streets and on the runways? Some student believes its a result of the things such as social media, TV shows, and their favorite celebrities.

“I think that celebrities and the media have a big impact on vintage trends making a comeback,” Babish said.

“I think that they made a comeback because stores started promoting them and selling them more frequently which caught peoples eyes,” Sherman said.

“Honestly, I feel like if a person wants to “bring back” a style, I’m here for it,” Schmidt said. “I’ll be sad if I don’t see Elizabethan ruffle collars and bonnets being worn in six months. But I can’t stand the mullet, please just burn it with fire.”

Whether you love them or hate them, these fads are here to stay…at least until the new wave of old fashion makes its way back through the cycle.