Cutting Pounds With the Famous Keto Diet

Is the process of the Keto Diet really worth the weight loss?

Noah Feno, Assistant Features Editor

With summertime just around the corner, students will do anything to get their “summer bod.”

Diets are a way that some students are beginning to get in shape. While a lot of diets can be just fads that don’t quite work, others are showing a lot of potential. One of these is the keto diet. Keto consists of eating fatty foods and protein and cutting out almost all carbs to shred fat.

Many students started this diet when it became popular, and others have started more recently. Only time will tell how well the diet works.

Senior Javier Medina, Jr. is one of these newcomers to the diet.

“I’ve been on keto for about 3 weeks now,” Medina said. “I plan to keep doing it for a few months though.”

Junior Valerie Broadhurst has been following the diet a little longer than Medina and is seeing the benefits.

“I’ve been on keto for a little over a month,” Broadhurst said. “I’m glad to see the results I’m getting.”

Senior Logan Morris has been on and off on the diet.

“I started it before the football season, but once the season started I needed the carbs for the quick energy for practices and games.”

Morris also understands the science behind how the diet does its magic. “Keto is a process where you eat little to no carbohydrates every day,” Morris explained. “After a few days of that, your body enters a state of ketosis where fat storages are eaten away.”

This carb restriction is very difficult and if it’s slipped up once, the process must be started over. The one complaint about the diet is how hard to stay on top of it.

“I stay with my meal plans to get the results I desire,” Medina said. “Sure, it’s hard, but you have to grind to get what you want.”

It is a little harder to keep up perfectly after keeping it up for so long.

“I stay on track with my meal plans, but I still have to indulge in myself here and there,” Broadhurst said. “It’s hard to have to put down the Oreos.”

While the majority of people use it as a way to lose weight, Morris gains weight while on the diet.

“I stay on the diet even when I’m in the bulking periods of my workout plans,” Morris said. “I’ll be gaining muscle weight, but it keeps it to just muscle and not any fat that I usually get while bulking up. This keeps me toned and looking huge, so I recommend it to anyone trying to lose weight or just trying to look toned around your muscles.”

Even with how hard it may be, these students still recommend the diet for anyone wanting to burn fat and lose weight.

“I highly recommend keto for anyone who can keep track on what they are eating, because they will start to see the results quickly,” Medina said.

Keto is a great way to cut down on some pounds for the people who are committed to getting the body they want. However, it is not for everyone, so it’s up to personal opinion and choice on whether or not to start the diet.