Avoiding the Chaos this Black Friday

Ella Barnaby, Staff Writer

Black Friday is known throughout the country as one huge day for savings. But more recently, things have changed drastically. Instead of this one day, when every American rushes to the stores to grab as many expensive items as possible, many stores spread out their Black Friday savings, minimizing the stress of the whole ordeal. But now the question arises: which deals from these Black Fridays are best to take advantage of?
First of all, as expected, entertainment electronics are a huge deal this year in savings. Many popular devices have had their prices cut down. One notable example is that AirPods pro has gone from $249 to $197 (amazon.com). Another is that the 11-inch iPad Pro is now $100 cheaper, going from $799 to $699 (amazon.com). In addition, the Amazon Kindle is nearly half off, changing from $89 to a much more affordable price of $49 (amazon.com).
Another important mention is home appliances. Even though many students won´t take notice of this category, there is still something to be said about the savings offered. The Keurig single-serve coffee maker has dropped to $99 from originally being $129 (amazon.com); the Anker Eufy RoboVac, similar to the well known Roomba, is now $149 from originally being $349 (Walmart); and an XL Ninja Airfryer has gone from being $119 or more to $98 (Walmart).
There is still more to consider. Such as the fact that certain discounts on mattresses can save buyers hundreds of dollars. There are also huge savings to be found when it comes to toys, especially drones and large toy packs. This is important to note, with the holiday season right around the corner.
In conclusion, though the Black Friday experience is a little different than it was a few years ago, there are still many benefits to be found from it. Weeks of discounts mean that large amounts of spending can be more spread out. Seeing as very expensive items are the things stores are choosing to focus on discounting, that is reassuring. Shopping smart on Black Friday can be a challenge, but knowing exactly what to look for and buy can make things a lot easier.