It’s Black History Month: How Can You Celebrate?

Priya Kommu, Editor

It’s February, which also means that it is Black History Month. This year’s theme is “Black Health and Wellness”. Here are seven ways you can celebrate and appreciate African American communities and history. 

  • Visit a Black or African American History Museum

Almost every state in the United States has a museum dedicated to Black history museum or African American heritage site. If there is not a museum in your area, the Black History Mobile Museum travels all around the country for the entire month of February and at the beginning of the summer.

  • Educate Yourself on Black History

Learning Black and African American history is important so that you can appreciate

  • Support Black-Owned Businesses and Restaurants

This can help protect livelihoods and support entrepreneurs. 

  • Donate to Black Organizations and Charities 

Some possibilities include: 

  • Black Lives Matter 
  • NAACP 
  • Thurgood Marshall College Fund 
  • Color of Change 
  • Black Girls Code 
  • The Black Youth Project
  • Attend Local Black History Month Events 

This can help bring more awareness to Black History Month and also help you support your local community. 

  • Support and Appreciate Black Art

This can include books and music. Research Black authors and musicians. 

  • Learn about Prominent Civil Rights Activists and Other Prominent Black Figures

You can research about members of the Civil Rights Movement on the NAACP website and other sources. However, make sure that the sources you use are credible. 

It is important that we find ways to support the African American community and truly celebrate Black History Month.



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