Why We Should Get A Full Night’s Sleep

Juliana Best, Editor

Pretty much everyone knows that getting a healthy amount of sleep is good for them, but not everyone knows why. Most just go with the most basic reason, getting a lot of sleep makes you less tired the next day. While that is a strong reason, it’s not the only, or even the most important one. 

If being less tired the next morning was the only reason that we all needed sleep, not as many people would do it. Most of us would consider whatever we were doing at night more important or entertaining than going to sleep. The decisions that people make to stay up late rather than go to sleep can and will have a negative impact on their health, whether it be immediately or in the future. When people don’t get their required amount of sleep at night, things like mood, health, and brain performance can decline. An unhealthy lack of sleep can make you more vulnerable to some diseases and disorders. This can include things from heart disease to dementia. 

Your brain isn’t just resting when you sleep, it’s actually working to help the rest of your body. Think of it like when you reset a computer. Your brain works to learn and process new things, as well as get rid of toxic waste. If you go too long without sleep or with an inconsistent sleep schedule, none of this would be able to get done. 

Nobody likes feeling exhausted when they wake up, not even morning people, and no matter how easy you may find it to get out of bed, you still need all of your healthy hours of rest. The amount of sleep that a person needs varies by age, and it’s a good idea to be aware of the amount that you need as it changes. For example, the minimum amount of sleep that is required for people around highschool age is eight to nine hours, but adults are only required to get a minimum of seven hours. It can be hard to stop whatever you’re doing and go to sleep, even if you have to wake up early the next day. Whenever you feel like staying up later or not getting any rest, try to remember that sleep is incredibly important for you to be happy and healthy for the following day.