History Teacher Nominated for Agnes Meyer

David Kuzma recognized by county for outstanding work

History teacher David Kuzma is Kettle Run’s nominee for The Washington Post Agnes Meyer award. Kuzma was presented with the news at the January faculty meeting.

“I had never expected to earn this recognition from my colleagues,” Kuzma said. “I am humbled and honored, as well as inspired.” Kuzma started his teaching career 22 years ago.

He has spent the past 18 years educating students in Fauquier County. Students and teachers wrote letters explaining how Kuzma inspires his students to learn and achieve, meets the needs of all his students, demonstrates knowledge of his content area, fosters relationships with his colleagues and community, and demonstrates outstanding leadership skills. Senior Katie Wellington wrote about how Kuzma made a subject she hates, come to life.

“I personally don’t like history, literally, at all,” Wellington said. “This year I took a history elective, voluntarily! If that doesn’t say just how awesome Mr. Kuzma is as a teacher, I don’t know what does.”

CTE teacher Bill Davidson wrote about how impressed he was with Kuzma’s knowledge and passion for history.

“I went with Dave to do a little research about a local historical site,” Davidson said. “Dave blew my mind when he started talking to people about the site. The stuff he was talking about, with great detail, isn’t in general history books. I grew up in Fauquier County and had no idea about half the stuff they were talking about.”

“On his days off, if he is not working one of his second or third jobs, you can often find him on a battlefield learning more about history, a subject he is passionate about,” Publications adviser Shelly Norden said.

History teacher Mary Harper wrote about Kuzma as a colleague and a member of the community.

“As a co-worker, Kuzma is unrivaled,” Harper said. “He would give you the shirt off his back if you needed it. Mr. Kuzma goes out of his way to help his colleagues. He will help with coverage. He will help organize a classroom and even help carry things to your car. He is the consummate gentleman. Mr. Kuzma is active in the community and often takes his own time to attend school events to support students.”

History Department Chair Jessica Murphy wrote about his outstanding leadership skills.

“Dave is a leader in this school,” Murphy said. “He runs the Welsh exchange program, teaches iSTEM, and has coached and worked with the youth wrestling program. I could continue to sing Dave Kuzma’s praises. He is a teacher that I aspire to be, and I know that if I keep trying to reach my students, respect my colleagues and lead with my heart, I will continue closer to that goal.”

Kuzma will continue onto the countywide level where a board will review all nominees and select one to represent Fauquier County. The Washington Post has honored teaching excellence in the Washington region for three decades, with more than 500 men and women winning the Agnes Meyer Outstanding Teacher Award for their work in the classroom and contribution to the improvement of education.