Big Win For Beloved Bio Teacher

Correll awarded VA Biology Teacher of the Year

Big Win For Beloved Bio Teacher

Conner Roy, Head Viewpoint Editor

The National Association of Biology Teachers named Linda Correll the top Virginia biology teacher for 2018.

“I am ridiculously excited and honored,” Correll said. “I’m so happy to represent Fauquier County, and this award is a direct result of the encouragement and professional freedom I’ve had here to try new things and grow as a teacher.”

On Wednesday, Jan. 9, a reporter from WJLA7 was on campus interviewing Correll and her students. The interview took place during Correll’s first block AP Biology class.

“I wasn’t surprised that she won, she’s a fantastic teacher,” senior Ethan Jakum said. “She has so much passion for everything that you can’t help but feel excited too.”

Senior Madison Slevin is also a senior in the class. “A lot of her success is demonstrated in the eagerness of the students who want to take her class,” Slevin said. “The respect and admiration of her students is now embodied in that award. We’re all really proud of her.”

Senior Brigit Keating took Correll’s class two years ago and still remembers it fondly. “Mrs. Correll is an excellent teacher, and she was a highlight of my sophomore year,” Keating said. “Her passion and excitement for what she teaches is infectious. She makes it accessible.”

Superintendent Dr. David Jeck said Correll was very deserving of the award.

“I suspect that there are many hundreds of biology teachers in Virginia, so this recognition is pretty remarkable,” Jeck said. “She’s made everyone is Fauquier County very proud.”

Correll applied for the honor on a whim when she discovered the application on a website last April. “The application was pretty rough: a 20 minute video of my teaching, a personal essay, 4 recommendation letters, and my teaching resume,” Correll said.

Correll traveled to San Diego, CA to be recognized at a national conference.

“It was incredible being around so many passionate and talented biology teachers,” Correll said. “The sessions were informative and engaging, and I brought home lots of new ideas to try!”

Correll has been teaching for 12 years. She came to Kettle Run three years ago, and said she loves what she does. “I’m a bit of a reptile/ amphibian enthusiast and genetics nerd,” Correll said. “I love interacting with scientists on Twitter and sharing the awesomeness of biology with everyone from preschoolers to adults.” “We were talking about