Liz Truss Becomes UK Prime Minister

Sydney Beard, Editor

After the resignation of Boris Johnson, Liz Truss has become the UK’s new prime minister from being formally appointed by Queen Elizabeth II. This was the first time in the queen’s 70-year reign that the handover of power did not take place in Buckingham Palace and instead took place at Balmoral. She is UK’s 56th prime minister along with being their third female leader. Due to her being a party leader, Truss automatically became the prime minister without having a general election because in the House of Commons, the Conservative Party holds the majority. She beat former Treasury chief Rishi Sunak in a leadership contest where 170,000 dues-paying members within the Conservative Party were allowed to vote. Truss got 81,326 votes, while Sunak got 60,399 votes. She promised to help Britain through inflation, recession and soaring energy prices, while also promising to make the U.K an “aspiration nation”. Britain is currently facing its worst cost-of-living crisis in decades, they have inflation above 10% and energy bills rising for businesses and households. Truss also vowed to get the country working and growing again with tax cuts and deregulation. In a speech, Truss said, “I know that our beliefs resonate with the British people: Our beliefs in freedom, in the ability to control your own life, in low taxes, in personal responsibility,” she added. “I know that’s why people voted for us in such numbers in 2019 and as your party leader I intend to deliver what we promised those voters right across our great country.” Truss said.