Shein Exposed for Inhumane Factory Conditions

Sidney Sandoval, Editor

Shein has become the leading brand among the fast fashion industry as of 2022. It is known for its large variety of productsranging from home décor to the perfect blouseand shockingly low prices. Sweaters can be found for as little as $8.99 and denim for $23. These prices must be too good to be true, right? Surprisingly, Shein’s clothing quality can be impressive for the price. Most consumers are aware that in order for Shein to justify its pricing, there must be some unjust treatment in the workplace. Consumers continue to purchase from the brand because they see their favorite influencers partaking in it too, with their $600 hauls and try-ons. The brand is also known for its questionable choices including stealing from small businesses and selling offensive items. Channel 4, a British broadcast, had an undercover journalist work at Shein’s Chinese factories and revealed the agonizing truth of the work conditions.


The undercover journalist described the factory as an “inhumane system”. The factory workers had to work 18 hour days with one day off a month. In one factory, employees were being paid ¥4000 per month, roughly $557, to individually make 500 articles of clothing a day. Being in these stressful conditions is bound to lead to mistakes, which cause two-thirds of a worker’s daily pay to be taken. Their pay was also withheld from them for their first month, to ensure they stay. In another factory, workers received four cents per piece. With such little hours to themselves, workers were seen washing their hair during their lunch breaks. 


A spokeswoman for Shein said they were “extremely concerned” with the conditions and would cut ties with them instantly. Social media has played a great role in raising awareness on the dangers of the fast fashion industry.