Superintendent David Jeck Retires from his role, Coordinator role expected for July 1st

Fauquier County Public Schools Superintendent David Jeck will step down July 1, subsequent to leading the division for 10 years. Due to “an especially difficult year” for his family and the shifting political landscape in public education, Jeck stated that he requested the school board to terminate his four-year contract earlier than originally agreed upon. 

After a morning meeting of the Fauquier County School Board on Tuesday, April 18, the five members unanimously voted to “honor the request from the superintendent” to end his contract on June 30. Additionally, the board approved Jeck’s appointment as a “special projects coordinator” to oversee Taylor Middle School expansions, which will begin this summer. He will work with other middle school transitions from July 1 to June 30, 2024. Jeck will also continue to work toward increasing the security and safety of the school division. School Board Chair Stephanie Litter-Reber (Lee) stated that his salary would remain the same in his new position. Litter-Reber stated at the meeting that “Dr. Jeck has been an outstanding superintendent in Fauquier County Public Schools for the past ten years.” The school board is extremely appreciative of everything he has done to make Fauquier County Public Schools what it is today. Litter-Reber stated, “Dr. Jeck has been a fierce advocate for all staff and a champion for all children.” 

Applications for a new superintendent will be accepted by the school board through May 1st. The board will hold closed meetings to talk with candidates and will publicly make their decision. After the meeting on Tuesday, April 18, Jeck said in an interview that he would be eligible for state retirement benefits in 2024 when he reaches 30 years of public school service in Virginia. He stated that although he hasn’t decided yet what he will do next, he will “most definitely” not accept the superintendent’s position. 

Jeck reflected on the sudden death of his oldest son, David Jeck Jr., in late 2021, noting that “the last year and a half have just been really, really difficult.” Therefore, this decision was made at the right time.” Jeck attributed his departure to the shifting political climate and its effects on public school divisions, which have been at the center of culture war battles in recent years, in addition to the stress and grief of losing his son and leading the school division through the COVID-19 pandemic. 

Jeck mentioned that he and his wife will continue to reside in their Orlean residence and expressed his gratitude for having spent the previous ten years in Fauquier. He said, “The school board has been very good,” and “Fauquier has a really great school community.” Jeck stated that he would continue to provide administrative guidance to the school division until a new Superintendent was hired. He described the school board by saying “They’ve been so good to me. I’ll do whatever they need me to do.”