First Year Phenom Makes History

A season of breaking records for senior David Haiss

Seven touchdowns, over 700 yards, 7.38 55 meter dash but the audience only sees his production, not what this tri-sport athlete does to achieve these stats. David Haiss is a phenomenal athlete, excelling in football, track, and baseball all high school through hard work and dedication. Haiss has been playing baseball since the age of 6 because he has a history of baseball in his family and plans to play again this year for Kettle Run.

“I was 6 years old and my brother played baseball and he recommended I try it so I tried it and I fell in love with the game,” said Haiss. “I’ve been playing 11 years now and I plan on continuing my baseball career at Kettle Run this season,” said Haiss. He never stops practicing football or baseball, he always finds a way to better his game.

“I practice everyday for football and spend my off-season baseball time, I personally train in my house and I go to camps,” says Haiss. Haiss has been playing football for as long as he has been playing baseball and is one of the star players on the Kettle Run Varsity football team this season.

“I’ve been playing football since I was 6 and have always enjoyed the game,” said Haiss. Someone once told him something that would end up changing his athletic career forever.
“I was told if you’re going to end up regretting something you need to do it and I knew then that I had to play football because I knew I’d regret it if I didn’t,” said Haiss. He aspires to play both football and baseball in college but would be happy with just playing baseball in college.

“I’m thinking about playing both sports in college but if I can’t play football then I definitely want to at least play baseball,” said Haiss. Haiss also runs track but he does it mostly for the speed and cardio conditioning. “I run track to improve my speed and stamina which also helps me during football and baseball season,” said Haiss.

Kettle Run quarterback Casen Chumley loves having Haiss as a receiver, saying he brings a lot to the table through the pass game. ”He’s a very consistent receiver and he’s a deep threat all the time,” says Chumley. Haiss brings a lot to the table starting with his extraordinary athleticism.

“He brings speed, he’s extremely fast, and he’s very positive and only wants the best for the team,” says Chumley.

“Whenever David does something wrong he always blames it on being lactose intolerant and he always has funny clapbacks when ssomeone tells him what to do,” says Chumley.

David Haiss, being a tri-sport athlete, has shocked the county with his outstanding performance in his first year of football. Haiss has shown other high school athletes how to be a real student athlete. I personally desire being an athlete like Haiss some day.