Sports Hall of Fame Becomes Possibility

Athletes may have a place to showcase achievements

Imagine seeing your name on a wall along with some of your school’s all-time greatest athletes. Kettle Run may join the other high schools in the county by creating a sports hall of fame to honor former athletes who have made it big in their athletic careers.

Student-athletes might have the chance to be a part of school history if plans for a board of athletic achievements are pursued. Other high schools in the county have their own sports hall of fames, but this is partly due to the fact that the other schools are more than 10 years old.

Because Fauquier High School is significantly older than Kettle Run, a 45 year difference to be exact, it has had a larger number of students, meaning there have been more opportunities for those students to grow as athletes and compete at top levels. Fauquier High School Activities Director Mark Holmes shared the criteria for athletes to be considered for induction into Fauquier’s hall of fame.

“[Athletes need to be] state champions or sign a professional contract or sign a Division I scholarship,” Holmes said.

Located in the gym lobby, Fauquier’s hall of fame was started approximately 15 years ago. Kettle Run Activities Director Paul Frye wants to wait before starting a sports hall of fame in order to give student-athletes more time to accumulate impressive achievements like committing to a Division I school or becoming professional athletes.

“I was waiting for the school to have 15 years of existence before starting one,” Frye said. “It’s something to work for and be recognized for their high school accomplishments.”

Physical Education teacher Ellen Allen thinks the sports hall of fame would be a great addition to the school.

“It allows for the recognition of the athletes who were successful or for recognizing someone who has made an impact on Kettle Run athletics in another way,” Allen said. “It may give a present student-athlete the incentive to work hard and be successful in hopes of being inducted into the hall of fame one day.”

Liking the idea of a sports hall of fame, senior Taylor Williams thinks the decision of which athletes to induct should come down to their specific achievements.

“You should qualify if you have first team all-state honors,” Williams said. “For example, any individual state champ or any athlete on a first team all-state team.”

Agreeing with Williams, senior Katie MacMahon would like specific criteria to be met for induction.

“Not just setting records and titles but also personal attributes like leadership abilities and support,” MacMahon said. “Maybe there could be recommendations for each athlete.”

Physical Education teacher Ellen Allen thinks athletes “should have excelled at both Kettle Run and at his or her college level of athletics.”

“Also, it may include coaches that were exceptionally successful,” Allen said.

A sports hall of fame would allow Kettle Run to honor former student-athletes, and current ones, with a spot on a wall that students could see every day.