Catching Up with the Oldest Schwind

Underdog Old Dominion beats no. 13 Virginia Tech

Years after graduating from Kettle Run, alum Jacob Schwind plays for Old Dominion University’s football team. On September 22, while holding the home field advantage, ODU beat Virginia Tech in football. VT was ranked number 13 while ODU was widely regarded as the underdog.

“Beating Virginia Tech was a surreal experience,” Schwind said. “To be in a stadium where an upset of that magnitude happens is a once in a lifetime experience. It is easily the most memorable win that I’ve ever been a part of.”

After graduating in 2015, Schwind left his mark in the Kettle Run Athletics Department after successful seasons in both football and wrestling.

“Being a college athlete takes a lot of dedication. It’s a full-time job,” Schwind said. “I spend four to five hours a day at our facility, as a specialist.”

Being a college athlete is more than practicing with the team.

“Other position groups have more meetings and spend even more time. On top of that, you’re a full-time student. Other students have more time on their hands to do homework, study, and spend time with their friends.”

Schwind worked hard to become a D1 athlete.

“To any high school athlete, I would tell them to stay on top of their grades first and foremost,” Schwind said.

“No coach is going to want to recruit you if you can’t handle your work in the classroom. Additionally, I wouldn’t get caught up in the ‘D1 or bust mindset’,” Schwind advised.

“Sure, everyone wants to compete at the highest level, but there are so many great opportunities to receive a great education, play the sport you love, and win championships at great schools that aren’t D1. Don’t pass those up because you think you deserve better. A lot of it comes down to timing, are there spots that need filled at your dream school, are you the #1 player that they want? It’s a hard business to get your foot in the door.”

Schwind has made sacrifices in his college social life in order to maintain his status as college athlete.

“You have to be very good with your time management and realize you might miss out on some things that your friends are doing,” Schwind said. “But ultimately, you’re doing what you love and getting to experience something so few people ever get to experience.”

Though Schwind is having a great season at ODU, he remembers his days as a Cougar.

“The thing I miss the most about Kettle Run, other than seeing my family every night when I get home, are Friday Night Lights. Nowhere else in the country is football better,” Schwind said. “You and the friends you grew up with going up against cross-town rivals, dueling it out, and going out to eat after.”

Schwind continues to play for Old Dominion and has forever left his mark on both the Kettle Run and the ODU athletic departments with upsets against Fauquier during his high school career and Virginia Tech during his college career.