Faculty Senior Game Expected to be a Buzzer Beater

Faculty plans a full court press on the senior team

Who is going to walk away with this year’s bragging rights? Find out on April 26 when the seniors take on the faculty in a friendly game of hoops. The annual senior vs faculty basketball game will take place during fourth block. Tickets are $5 and can be purchased in the library. All proceeds will go towards the 2020 prom. Junior class sponsors Tammy McGilvery and Karen Frye organized the event. McGilvery said she looks forward to the game every year. “The energy of the students in the gym cheering on the players is exciting and the attitude of the players just playing to have fun.” The game has been a tradition since the school opened back in 2008; however, there was one year that the event did not happen. “The one year we didn’t have it was devastating for some,” Karen Frye said. Phil Roper, boys varsity soccer coach, plays in the game every year. Roper said he enjoys interacting with the other team and making it fun for those who come out to watch. “I also really like the friendly smack-talk,” Roper said. Roper admits this year’s team may be a tough one to beat, but he predicts Athletic Director Paul Frye will “hit a buzzer beater.” Paul Frye believes the seniors have no shot at beating them. “It’s going to be (a) landslide in our favor,” Frye said. When asked if he was feeling intimidated by any members of the opposing team, he added, “That word is not in my vocabulary.” Ty Thorpe, varsity baseball coach, believes this year’s senior team will be tough to beat. “They have a lot of talent and they shoot the ball well,” Thorpe said. However, Thorpe still believes the faculty will win by four points. Senior basketball player Drew Nowland disagrees. He thinks this year’s faculty team has no idea what they are up against. Nowland predicts his team will win by 30 or 40 points. “We are going to crush them,” Nowland said. Sean Kennedy, lacrosse player, looks forward to making his debut on the basketball court. “I’m looking forward to putting straps on Coach Smith [boys varsity lacrosse coach],” Kennedy said. “He has very few ball skills and can’t shoot.” Kaylee Duckett, softball player, will also make her first appearance on the basketball court at this game. “I think it will be a wise decision to let the girls play,” Duckett said. “We have a lot of skills to offer on the court.” Seniors Richard Meseg, Noah Podpoly, Noah Feno and Wanye Solomon will cheer on the senior team. “The team was full,” Meseg said, “and I really wanted to be part of the game so I signed up to cheer.”