Field Hockey Team Revamps A Team For Success

Varsity team heads into a district playoffs as 2nd in district

Charlie Niber, Head Sports Editor

With November in sight, the varsity field hockey team prepares themselves for district play. The varsity Cougars are currently 8-6 and sit in second place in their district, only behind the undefeated Liberty Eagles.
This year the team has taken a different mindset towards the season and have truly put in the work to improve. Coached by Elizabeth Todd, practices have been more intense and the team is more focused than in past years.
“This year the team has rallied together and truly headed into the season with positive attitudes. My teammates have been there for me, lifting me up throughout the harder times of the season.” Junior Maddie White said.
“As the goalie it can be difficult at times to keep a clear mindset, especially after letting in a goal. My teammates, this year in specific, have helped me shrug anything off my shoulders and get ready for the game to continue.” Said senior Alyssa Space.
This year the team consists of only four seniors which some thought would be an issue leading into the season. The ladies have put the drama behind them and strived for success each time they are on the field.
“This season the team has really bonded and become closer than we were last year. We play more as a team and for each other rather than as individuals.” Space said.
“I have noticed quickly that the team this year is closer than we were last year. All of us are friends and I think that is a primary reason as to why we are having success on the field. The chemistry is definitely there and it’s making practice and games fun, which is what the sport is all about.” Said White.
In 2018, the team was win-less and there was a lot of talk prior to the season of the team having a similar record year, but the ladies haven’t let the talk get to them. With district play just around the corner, Coach Todd has really inspired the team to show the community what they are about.
“Although we only have four seniors and only a few returning players, I have witnessed the team get through a lot of off the field drama and give 110 percent every time they are on the field. I am so glad to be apart of this team and it has made for a wonderful senior season.” Space said.
County rival, the Eagles, have yet to lose a game this year but the Cougars have played them to a one goal game already this year and look to pull off an upset in their run to becoming champions.