Torpy and Schaner Vault to New Heights

Evan Torpy and Colleen Schaner set records and place high in pole vaulting events

Aidan Brindley, News Editor

Senior Evan Torpy and Sophomore Colleen Schaner recently have reached great success in pole vaulting. Torpy cleared a 12-6, which is a new school record for indoor pole vaulting. Colleen Schaner consistently places very high in her events. Both of them recently registered state-qualifying marks at the Bulldog Invitational meet.

     The two have been practicing hard for years in order to achieve their goals, which is why their results are so exciting to them and their coaches. Torpy stated,  “I have been pole vaulting since freshman year, this will be my 4th indoor track season.”

     When asked for her own level of experience, Schaner replied, “I would say about seven months experience total.”

     Breaking records is a great achievement, but they have personal meanings to each who hold them; a broken record symbolizes not only success, but all of the preparation and sacrifice that was put in in order to succeed.

     “Every height I jump is a reminder that hard work pays off,” Torpy continued. “It takes a lot of time and practice, but when you jump over a new height for the first time and you see the bar still up as you fall, it’s an out-of-this-world feeling.”

     Schaner explains, “My achievements are just something that I can look back on that makes me happy and satisfied, and as a symbol of hard work paying off.”

     The vaulters themselves need help along the way for both encouragement and training. They deserve great appreciation for the hard work that they put in as well as the vaulters.

     “I would not be where I am without my pole vault coach, Coach MacEvoy.” Torpy said. “He encourages and pushes me to be the best I can be and I could not be where I am without him.”

     Schaner added, “I am extremely grateful and owe my improvement and success to my coach, Jerry MacEvoy from Prince William Pole Vaulters, my parents, my friend and teammate Ashley Nickerson and her parents, my pole vault mentor, Evan Torpy, and of course, God.”

     Schaner and Torpy attribute some of their success to certain individuals for the extra work that they put in in order to help them achieve their goals.

     Schaner details, “They have definitely helped me reach my goals! They are always very positive and give me corrections when jumping.” Torpy states, “Coach McEvoy encourages and pushes me to be the best I can and I could not be where I am without him.”

     Evan Torpy and Colleen Schaner are breaking records and putting on fantastic showings so far. They have been and will continue to work hard to improve and impress. Coaches play a large role in the success of athletes, which is why it means so much when the students they trained succeed. With accomplishments for the vaulters comes a sense of pride for their coaches. Evan Torpy and Colleen Schaner have already achieved greatness in pole vaulting, but they hope to continue to awe audiences for years to come.