First Fall Sports Scrimmages and Games

Ava Abbott, Editor

Fall sports are starting up and a few athletic organizations have already had their first scrimmages and official games!

First on the list is the girls field hockey teams, which had their first scrimmages at Charlottesville High School. Jane Crossland, a Junior on varsity, says “At first we had difficulty connecting and working together, but during the second quarter the team got it together and worked wonderfully.” She added that her and her teammates did a great job hustling and getting the ball from the opposing team. At the end of the game Jane and some of her teammates were selected to participate in a shootout. A shootout or penalty shootout, is when five players are picked from each team and they shoot on goal to break a tie.  Girls JV also had a scrimmage at Charlottesville, but on the 16th. They tied 1-1, but for the first scrimmage of the season, they played pretty well.

The girls volleyball teams had their first home games of the season. The teams are led by new varsity Head Coach Crooks and returning Coach Carlson for JV. Paige Bagwell, a junior on varsity, notes that the game was a “pretty easy win” against Lightridge High School, though they seemed to struggle slightly in the second set. According to Paige, “Hailey Balgavy’s serving was really good and we played as a team and were very hype.” The varsity team won all three sets. JV also had a game against Lightridge, winning two out of two sets. 

Varsity, JV, and freshman football all also had their first games this month. Varsity had their first away game against Heritage High School. They won 27-14. They also had two unofficial games, one home game against Eastern View High School and one away game at Freedom High School. Varsity’s first home game is Friday, September 9th, against Brentsville High School. We hope to see you there to support our cougars! JV had a game at Heritage High School, which they won 20-6. Their next home game is against James Wood High School on September 19th. The Freshman team also went up against Heritage High School’s freshman team and won 7-0.

Additionally if you are interested in some pre-season workout and training sessions for Winter Track, they started the week of August 29. Workouts are held on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from 3-4:30. All are welcome to join! If you’re interested come down to the track at 3:00 on those days!