Paving the Way for Future Doctors

A look inside the Intro to Health and Medical Sciences class

Chris Dodson, Viewpoint Editor

If you are looking for a class that focuses on nursing and health, then the Intro To Health and Medicine class may be the class for you.

This course introduces the student to a variety of healthcare careers and develops basic skills required in all health and medical sciences. It is designed to help students understand the key elements of the U.S. healthcare system and to learn basic healthcare terminology, anatomy and physiology for each body system Throughout the course, instruction emphasizes safety, cleanliness, asepsis, professionalism, accountability, and efficiency within the healthcare environment.

Lori Rudolph, instructor of the class talks about the ever changing nature of the class and some of the major projects they do in it.

“It is always evolving especially since it is only the second year that I have taught it,” said Rudolph. “We do several different hands on projects and activities. We have made ‘blood’, a bone from clay, replica of the digestive system, as well as research based projects on the history of medicine and various diseases and the systems and organs that they affect. The students also get 16 vocabulary words every Monday with a quiz on Friday.”

The class has an attraction with students who are interested in going into any medical field.

“I took the class because I want to be in the medical field in the future, either as a nurse or as a surgeon,” said senior Sarah Barlow.

“The main reason that I took the class was because I want to study in the medical field, so I felt like I could get a lot out of the class,” said junior Abbi Kane.

Junior Catherine Boyd said “I wanted to be a nurse since I was 9 and I felt like the class would be the perfect place for me to start.”

“Any student that has a desire to go into the medical field, doctor, nurse, pharmacy, research, etc,” said Rudolph. “We do cover some delicate subjects so it is definitely for a more mature student that can handle the information.”

Student and teacher alike talk about what they find most exciting about the class.

Junior Caleb Clouse said “The projects are my favorite part because they are very creative and they are something that I have never done before.”

“Learning the anatomy and how the body works is my favorite part,” said senior Montana Moser. “My favorite part of the class is definitely Mrs. Rudolph, she’s so funny and laid back,” said freshman Jaidyn Gurko.”

“The debates and discussions that we have in class is what I like most,” said Rudolph.

The Intro To Health and Medicine class is the perfect class for any student who is interested in a medical career. With the exciting projects of making fake blood and bones, to researching the history of health and medicine, this is all basic knowledge for someone who is interested in starting their medical careers.