Behind the Scenes of Pregame Rituals

Athletes’ self made traditions for performing their best on game day

Ryan Schaefer, Staff Reporter

    From storming the halls to doing the wave at games, athletes and fans have gameday traditions they follow.     

    Many athletes follow certain gameday traditions that have been carried on since 2008. Whether it is praying, going out to eat, or special handshakes, students and athletes have not failed to live up to the hype. Gameday traditions function to get students excited for upcoming games.

    Storming the halls is the best known gameday tradition Kettle Run follows. Before the tardy bell rings the morning of home football games, the marching band takes the halls to play our famous fight song.  

    Senior member of the marching band, Connor Roy, looks forward to storming the halls in the morning.

    “We play the Kettle Run fight song,” Roy said. “We only do it for in home and in county games. We want to keep people excited for the game. It is our job to keep students hyped about the game and the football team.”    

    In preparation for football games the football team has their own unique way of preparing.

    “Our gameday traditions are going out to eat the night before and praying before the game,” senior Noah Feno said. “Gabe [Chumley] leads us with the Our Father who art in Heaven prayer as well.”

    Not only do athletes have gameday traditions, students do as well.  The most well known tradition happens during the fall season due to the most popular student spectator sport, football.  

    “We wear the same outfit as the theme for that game, and the boys start the tailgate after school,” Cage Leader Max Stevenson said.

    Before games, student athletes get focused by listening to music and hanging out with their teammates. While spending time with teammates, athletes have their own playlists and songs they listen to before games.

    Senior Anna Lee plays on the Varsity Field Hockey team.

    “I prefer listening to music before games because it gets me pumped up to play the best game possible,” Lee said.

    Athletes also makeup fun handshakes or get involved in pregame hype rituals to pump up their fellow players. Ranging from simple handshakes to running onto the court before the buzzer goes off for the first quarter, students’ seriousness about pregame rituals varies.

     “I have a handshake where I use the golf club,” senior Hunter Anderson said. “I also do mini tricks with the ball before hitting my friends putt for a slap.”

    Different sports have distinctive ways of getting ready for their game or meet depending on the athlete.

    Senior Anthony Moran runs for the Varsity Cross Country team.

    “Before a meet, I eat, stretch, and jog before running,” Moran said. “I also love spending time with the team. Having a good time in sports can come a long way.  Students athletes having fun and getting ready for games can boost morale.”

    Gameday traditions have proven to be a successful way for athletes to get excited about competing. Current traditions have been passed down from the very first senior class at Kettle Run, so don’t expect them to die off anytime soon.