How do Student’s feel about Resurgence of Fans at the Kettle Run “Cage”

Mandy Holmes, Staff Writer

For most students, last year was not the high school experience they anticipated having. Many sports had no fans, and when the outdoor sports were granted that, few people showed up. Kettle Run’s “Cage” wasn’t filled with spirit-attired students cheering on their peers. 

This year, it’s all different. All fall sports are currently having a full season, unlike last year when they played in the spring. Football, as usual, has the biggest crowd. The Cage is packed with students, dressed up in spirit wear.

I am a sophomore, but because of COVID-19, I couldn’t go to any of the games last year. I knew of few people that went, and the student section definitely wasn’t filled up. Going to our first few football games this year was such an awesome experience. There were so many kids, all of us decked out in the corresponding spirit wear, cheering for the Cougars. It was so much fun. I thought it was great to see everyone together, when for so long we were confined to just our houses.

I asked a couple other sophomores their thoughts on the football games and the environment in the Cage, they had a great time.

Santiago Chavarria said he had a “great first experience” in the Cage. He added, “It was fun. I think that everyone is more excited and hype than they used to be, since we haven’t had a real season in so long.”

Carys Golhman said, “The Cage was everything I expected it to be. It was fun, crazy, and all around a good time.”

Although many enjoyed the crowd, some chose not to join in.

Leah Trible told me about her experience in the student section, and she told me, “I sat with my mom, so I wouldn’t know.” 

Some students chose to only stay in the Cage for a little bit, because very few kids were wearing masks. Emily Gibb said, “I was only in there for a few minutes, I don’t want to catch Covid.”

I think overall everyone is excited for life to have a sense of normalcy now. Spirit week, the pep-rally, and homecoming are big events we missed out on last year, and can finally experience this year. Sports are definitely a huge part of most students’ lives, and after the isolation from COVID-19, kids are ready to get back out on the field with their friends or in the stands to cheer them on.