Not Creepy, Kooky, or Enjoyable In Any Way: The Addams Family 2

Ella Barnaby, Staff Writer

When The Addams Family 2 was first being advertised, I immediately noticed something strange. Though the public had been overwhelmed by overplayed, irritating commercials full of clips of the previous movie two years ago, there were barely any commercials for this one that included content from the movie this time around. The main ad played was actually for progressive insurance. After finding and watching the absolutely horrid official trailer on Youtube, hoping to gain an interest in the movie before I saw it, I can see why this wasn’t flaunted in the public eye.
Well, at least the trailer doesn’t use any kind of deception to sell the movie. It paints an accurate picture of a rushed and messy project with no passion whatsoever involved. The plot is bizarre (and not in the charming Addams way), the jokes are poor, and though some of the animations are okay, the character models are strange and the skin textures are uncomfortable. The first animated Addams Family movie wasn’t anything special, but it looks like a gem compared to whatever this is.
A huge problem I have with this movie is that the characters haven’t changed at all. An important plot point is that the characters are growing up, but they have the exact same appearance and behavior as the previous movie. There is zero meaningful development. There are plot twists that are insane to the point of being stupid. Not to mention how confusing the tone is in certain scenes. There are times when watching this that you genuinely wonder what reaction the writers were trying to invoke from their audience. I only wish these newer movies had the charm of older Addams Family content.
I feel horrible for the original creators of this wonderfully weird family. Their unique and eccentric show changed television, and I sincerely hope that there will never be another Addam´s Family animated movie. If I could permanently destroy any evidence of these movies in an effort to keep the legacy of this franchise unsoiled, I definitely would.