Twin Telepathy Still ‘Unconfirmed’

Senior twins share their thoughts on the phenomenon

Have you ever been so in sync with someone that it was just odd? For twins, this may happen more often than not.

There are five sets of twins in the senior class and some of them believe that twin telepathy is real.

Senior Jake Connell has had his share of odd moments with his twin brother, senior Ryan Connell.

“When one of us is having a problem you pretty much feel like you know exactly how they’re feeling in that moment,” Jake said.

Although the two argue like any siblings do, having a special twin connection makes things easier.

“You always have someone just like you and someone you can have fun with when you aren’t with friends,” Jake said.

Contrary to the Connells, seniors Dylan and Justin Harne are sure that twin telepathy is just a hoax.

“I definitely don’t believe in twin telepathy or where twins could feel the pain of the other one,” Dylan said. “The only thing I know that would be close to telepathy would be when we were little we would have like our own language to communicate with each other.”

Nonetheless, Dylan still likes having a twin brother because “you always have a friend to talk to, relate to, and hangout with.”

“But people always confuse me with Justin,” Dylan said.

Senior Nolan Hall has had twin telepathy with his sister, senior Allison Hall, but not enough to make him a firm believer.

“I believe in it to some extent,” Nolan said. “Allison and I have had one major experience with twin telepathy. We were baking a cake together and started singing the same song from like 2005 at the same time.”

Participating in the same activities, seniors Brooke and Jessica McFarland play instruments in the marching band.

“The best thing about having a twin is never having to face something alone and always having someone who knows you by your side and growing up with one of your best friends,” Brooke said.

Although the two have had coincidental moments, neither believes in twin telepathy.

“We like to make jokes about it whenever we do anything simultaneously,” Jessica said.

“I remember multiple times where one of us says what the other was thinking or one of us starts singing a song that is stuck in the other’s head,” Brooke said. “I don’t believe in actual twin telepathy but I think if you spend enough time with someone and grow up with them you do start to read each other’s minds.”

Like the McFarland twins, seniors Katie and Megan Cameron take part in the school’s marching band together and have a good laugh when people discover the sisters are twins.

“The best thing about being a twin is the look people get on their faces when they realize Katie and I are twins,” Megan said. “We act and look very differently so people are baffled when they figure it out.”

Still, Megan doesn’t believe in twin telepathy.

“It’s just some made up idea that twins like to talk about to freak everyone out. It’s all just a bunch of coincidences,” Megan said.

Katie agrees, saying that the two have “never had a twin telepathy moment” because “it’s not real.”