Who Are The Mysterious Douglas Brothers?

The rundown on two Irish twins who become local legends

Chances are, if you’ve ever walked down the halls while the bell was ringing, you’ve witnessed someone sprint past you in a race to his next class. That was most likely senior Chinazam (China) Douglas.

Or maybe you attended this year’s talent show and heard a melodious voice belt out Mariah Carey’s “All I Want for Christmas is You.” That voice was none other than senior Nornyerem (Nornye) Douglas’s.

China and Nornye are possibly the most mysterious and misunderstood students at Kettle Run.

Numerous students have spread rumors about the pair for the duration of their high school experience. But these rumors aren’t negative, and not all of them are true.

For example, some students may have heard that the two are twins. Because they’re brothers and are in the same grade, it’s understandable that this rumor would start. But it’s just that–a rumor.

Born 10 months apart, the two are close with each other and are not, in fact, twins.

“China was born Nov. 14, 1999,” Nornye said. “I was born Sept. 14, 2000.”

“I thought they were born minutes apart because they’re in the same grade,” senior Nathan Pullen said.

To tell the brothers apart, look at facial features and height.

“China’s eyes are like saucers and I’m taller,” Nornye said. Other students may have heard the rumor that the brothers are Nigerian princes. But this is only partially true.

Both China and Nornye were born in Anchoridge, Alaksa and attended P.B. Smith Elementary and Warrenton Middle before coming to Kettle Run.

“It’s not like we’re princes of an entire country,” China said. “We’re princes of a small village.”

“It’s partly true,” Nornye said. “My mom’s parents were king and queen in parts of Nigeria.”

One of the rumors is completely true, however. China shows off his athletic skills by sprinting through the hallways during class changes to get some extra practice in for track and field.

“I get to class, I put my stuff down, and then run around more until the bell rings,” China said.

“China running through the hallways has been a highlight of high school and I will miss it a lot in college,” senior Josh Rigby said.

Nonetheless, Nornye doesn’t understand his brother’s actions.

“China is very strange,” Nornye said. “He has plenty of time to get to his classes so I don’t know why he runs to his classes. There’s no reason.”

Though still mysterious, the Douglas brothers have cleared the air surrounding their actions and their existence as a whole.

Next year, the two will follow the same path as they continue their education at Lord Fairfax Community College.